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The state is: Kentucky

One year ago my fiance's mother passed away from cancer. I asked my fiance at the time of the death if there was going to be a reading of the will and he said he didn't think so because all she had was medical bills. We had been living out of state when she passed and when we arrived home for the funeral his step-sisters had gone through all of her things and taken her expensive jewelry, clothing, purses,etc. At the time, my fiance was to caught up in grief to think anything about it, but now he is a little upset by this. He finally asked his step-father awhile back about her bills and life insurance. His step-father's only reply was that her life insurance had been cut off because she hadn't worked in so long and all she had was medical bills. Now his step-father is dating again and my fiance is getting a little concerned about what is going to happen with his mother's house and her other belongings. His step-father has joined a country club and bought new expensive things and even mentioned something about leaving the door unlocked to the house if we come to visit (incenuating that it was his house and not my fiance's house that he grew up in). My fiance is an only child and I find it hard to believe that his mother would leave him out to dry. We called the court house where she lived and they didn't have a record of the will being probated so how do we go about finding out if there is a will, without causing anymore hard feelings than there already are? Also, if there wasn't a will, is there anything my fiance can do or is just left out in the wind? Finally, is there anything he can do about getting her belongings back from his step-sisters (he wants to pass some of her jewelry on to our daughter)? Thanks for any advice you can provide us.

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    • The house is in his step-father's name and his mother's name. I was just curious about if there was anything he could do, or if everything she owned now belongs to his step-father and if since he is her only blood heir if he is entitled to anything?
      #1; Thu, 08 Jun 2006 18:58:00 GMT
    • Quote:
      Whose name is on the deed to the house and HOW is it on the deed?
      This is a two part question and you only answered the first part. You need to get a copy of the deed from the courthouse and see exactly how their names are listed. The step sisters have no right at this point to any of her personal items. However, proving what was taken will be difficult. He can file for probate asking to be named as executor. Then he can demand that they return the items.
      #2; Thu, 08 Jun 2006 21:48:00 GMT
    • Sounds possible on the insurance.

      Whose name is on the deed to the house and HOW is it on the deed?

      #3; Thu, 08 Jun 2006 18:02:00 GMT